Together, our work is twofold:

  1. Get really clear about what you want.
  2. Align your entire financial life to create that.

Yes – you get institutional grade portfolio management.

Yes – you get expert solutions to all your detailed questions about investments, insurance, estate planning, taxes, real estate, debt, cash flow, stock options, education planning, retirement planning.

In fact – I love to say “I keep answering questions until you can’t think of any more.”

But answers alone don’t provide peace of mind. You want to know that they are great answers for YOU and your life. That’s why we also spend time getting clear about what success looks like for you.

What’s the outcome?

  1. You are creating wealth and well-being.
  2. You have an exciting vision of what you want from your wealth. You know what success is for you.
  3. You know how much wealth you need to support your thriving life.
  4. You are clear about what your current assets are able to afford you.
  5. If you need to build further assets, you have a clear plan for doing that.
  6. Your entire financial picture (e.g. cash flow, investments, insurance, estate plan) is aligned to fuel your success.
  7. Your portfolio is professionally managed and your wealth is expertly cared for by someone deeply committed to your success and thriving.
  8. You are backed by deep and expert institutional resources. You get all the personal with all the professional.

This is the next evolution in wealth management…Money and meaning. Wealth and well being. Head and heart. Expertise and emotion. Mechanics and mindset. Fiduciary and fun. Intelligence and inspiration. Dollars and dreams. Cents and sense. Ok. You get the picture.

It’s not for everyone. But it’s for you if you believe that money is about life and life is about living. Living large.

What’s Next?

Please contact me. Let’s talk. I invite you to join me for a no-cost exploration of how I can help you get exactly what you want: Thriving finances, thriving life.