Would You Rather Be Rich or Happy?

As I wrote in my book, Woohoo! Wealth, when faced with choosing to be either rich or happy, you’d almost certainly choose to be happy.

Well, you aren’t alone. Check out this sweet, funny, and truth-revealing video that affirms the value of happiness over wealth.

And, of course, the choice need not be between money and happiness. You can have both. The important thing is not to confuse one with the other.

And, this reaffirms why we start financial planning with getting a much clearer picture of what Success means to you!

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The 5 Best Things You Can Teach Your Kids About Money

The 5 Best Things You Can Teach Your Kids About Money

1. There’s tons of money out there. Teaching your kids that abundance is available shapes their mindset that wealth is possible for them. The reality is that every minute of every day, billions of dollars are flowing around the globe like massive schools of fish passing through an ocean. The money is there. If your […]

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Welcome Speak to Me Family - I have another gift for you...

Welcome Speak to Me Family – I have another gift for you…

I’m a proud partner of the Speak to Me series and I hope you are enjoying this great season together. There area so many ways in which you probably find managing your finances challenging. While my book (I hope you have picked up your copy of Woohoo! Wealth) will take you through an exciting journey […]

How to Set Up Your Financial Life Really Simply

I know you love having control and clarity when it comes to your money. One thing I’ve seen over the years as a financial planner — people way overcomplicate how they set up their financial life. They’ve got banking, investment accounts all over the place, transfers going every which way.

What if I could show you the very simplest way to set up your finances? Wouldn’t that make your life easier, less stressful?

Today on the Wealth Spa — The Simple Money Method.

How to Put Your Finances on Autopilot

In today’s video…an easy way to set your finances on autopilot.

The Investment Myth

The Investment Myth

The truth about how to be a successful investor may surprise you… The existing paradigm: The existing paradigm about investing we learn today is that we must find the right financial professional to find us the right investments at the right time. This takes expertise, experience and skill and thus is valuable and costly. Without […]

If You Had To Choose Only One: Rich or Happy...

If You Had To Choose Only One: Rich or Happy…

When you get right down to it, here’s the model we are taught in our culture: Get money so that you can buy things and experiences, so that you can be happy. You want a way to experience that? Try this:   ACTION: Please reflect on this statement:   If I had WAY more money […]

It’s Not the Money We Want

It’s Not the Money We Want

Please consider this simple choice – which would you rather have?   A)     $25 million. And on this $25 million (and all of your money) is a curse that guarantees that no matter how you spend your money (for yourself or others) it will never bring you (or others) any pleasure. It is rendered totally […]

Getting in the Game.

Getting in the Game.

Here’s a simple yet powerful truth: If you want to be wealthy, you’ve got to get in the game. You must be actively dedicated to creating wealth. It’s not just going to happen. You can do all the affirmations you want and rely on the “law of attraction” all you want – it won’t work […]

Money versus Wealth

Money versus Wealth

What’s the difference between money and financial wealth?   Try this question on for size: before money was invented, could you be wealthy? Of course you could! Your wealth could be measured in resources – food, cattle, land, children, warm clothing, shelter, strength, the ability to create, etc. Or, if you are alone in the […]